Seatbelt Optional

Trying to live life with a little less fear. Here I write about my family's experiences, starting with our move from NYC to Belize in August of 2017.

TIL: What is a Savings Syndicate

One of the great things about moving to another country is learning how things are done differently. From when we are young, we learn about how to get through life from our parents, teachers, and community. And that is happening all over the world, except sometimes there are very different means to the same end. Read more about TIL: What is a Savings Syndicate[…]

Our mini-break…or Trucks, Buses, Vans and Canoes

A Rough Start The title of this post is referencing an old movie called “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” which is a comedy of errors about a man trying to get home for the holidays. While taking 2 day mini-escape from our resort over Easter break we needed quite a few vehicles to get us on Read more about Our mini-break…or Trucks, Buses, Vans and Canoes[…]